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The Kingdom of Varatus is dying. The noble King Davad Varatus the Vth has been wrought with sickness for decades and his land is slipping into darkness. No healer has been able to cure his disease with potion, herb, or spell. His Knights of Dawn have all aged to uselessness and their ranks have dwindled to all but a few squires that now call themselves knights. The order has fallen from its once high regard and no one dares oppose them. No worthy man has been knighted by the king in 21 years. Greed and politics have crept in to the Church of Saint Lannadeve. Tithing to the church has become more like paying protection to a gang of cutthroats and thieves instead of being an offering to the mistress.

The King has three sons and one daughter. His sons from oldest to youngest are Davad the VIth, Willhiem, and Jazen. Each son has his own castle and land but none have shown the compassion his father had for his subjects. His daughter’s name is Violet Varatus she is the youngest of the four and has detached herself from her brothers to study magic in the south tower of her father’s castle White Stone Reach. The brothers plot and scheme to ensure their position as King when their father succumbs to his illness. Their mother, Queen Abadale, had died so many years ago to an assassin’s blade that was meant for the king. Some say her sacrifice was the reason for his prolonged ailment. The King does not want to get better and he longs the be with his queen again.

The people of the Varatus Kingdom have fallen into decline as food and property are taxed beyond the means of the owners. To live the life of a simple farmer or blacksmith is not enough to survive. The people of the land have been down-trodden to the breaking point and have lost all hope for the future. Meanwhile conversations are taking place in dark, hidden places and in hushed tones. They are plotting the destruction of the land and to awaken an evil so ancient it threatens to destroy the world.

Hither comes a sailing vessel on the Southern shores, unaware of the danger that lies waiting for them…

Home Page

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